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Insulated Construction provide a range of quality doors where temperature control, hygiene or fire protection are of paramount importance.

New doors can have a dramatic effect on the flow of production from your business when chosen correctly. We are able to advise you on your choice of door for a given operation and can assure you that the most stringent guidelines will be met or even exceeded.

We also offer door maintenance contracts, tailored to meet our customers' individual requirements.

Insulated Hinged Doors

Insulated Construction hinged doors are durable and specially engineered for use on freezer and chill room applications.

These doors are robust, hygienic and food safe and are available with a range of fittings to suit all specifications. They also come in a wide range of colours.

  Insulated Hinged Door
Insulated Sliding Door

Insulated Sliding Doors

Insulated sliding doors are suitable for temperature controlled environments utilising anodised aluminium for protection and white food safe laminate for hygiene. They can be either manually or automatically operated.

Personnel Utility Doors

Insulated Construction's personnel utility doors are highly durable, for use in areas with substantial personnel traffic. The aluminium plate at the base of the door prevents damage through kicking, while the visibility panel helps to prevent accidents.

  Personnel Door
Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Doors

Fire doors are provided in buildings to protect escape routes and to separate areas of high risk. All our Fire doors are approved and meet the highest standards. They are available in a range of colours.

Insulated Construction offer door servicing contracts to ensure that these doors are maintained to a high standard.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains come in various thicknesses and are available for standard or freezer application. They offer good visibility, easy strip replacement and are quick and easy to install.

  Strip Curtain
PVC Door

PVC Doors

A double action door, manufactured from thick PVC. These doors are available with wear pads, vision panels and automatic options.

Up and Over Doors

Insulated up and over doors are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial environments where temperature control is necessary.

Push up, hand chain or electrically operated are available in a wide range of colours.

  Up and Over Door
Rapid Action Door

Rapid Action Doors

High speed rapid action doors can be offered to suit your particular site requirements. Doors offer excellent safety features and are durable with a robust knock out capability to protect against damage.

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